Sep 09, 2015  xdadevelopers Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge Q& A, While in the Downloading screen, How to exit Download

For Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement[DIRECT SCREEN, Sunmall Front Outer lens Glass Screen Replacement Repair Kit LCD Glass Repair Kit For Samsung Galaxy S6 G920 G920A G920P G920T G920V (White)

Should you have used on your Samsung Galaxy 6 a key combination that has accidentally activated the Download mode instead of another mode, then you see the following message on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S6: Downloading Do not turn off the target! If you see this message for the first

Apps For Every Screen; Samsung I dont really know whats is going on but have you tried downloading Kies and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge stuck on its ODIN mode.

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