Krogen 58' Delivery Route from Florida to North Carolina Screenshot from Fugawi Marine ENC 4. 5. During a recent offshore delivery of a new Krogen 58, I had the opportunity to check out Northport System Inc. s Fugawi Marine ENC charting and navigation software. It loaded painlessly on a new Windows 7 laptop, ran flawlessly

Mar 10, 2013  Fugawi installation& Configure Fugawi communication port.

FUGAWI Marine ENC also contains the features that made the original FUGAWI famous, including: moving map navigation using industry standard charts such as MAPTECH, SoftChart, and NDI Digital Ocean; easy pointandclick route creation; and GPS upload and download of waypoints, routes, and tracks. FUGAWI Marine ENC is also

Fugawi Marine ENC Ver 4. 5 GPS Navigation Software: NEW Now Supports CHS Charts via Internet Download: PRODUCT CODE: FUGMAR4: Fugawi Marine ENC is the ultimate PC software for marine

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