Unless there is a specific RPM for a higher AIX version than V5. 1 available you The download is done with the Available AIX Open Source packages on this

Installing sudo on target AIX operating systems to apply Download the AIX installp image for the rpm target AIX operating systems before a non

AIX for System Administrators rpm Uvh sudorpm installing from rpm visudo Where can I download sudo package for AIX 7. 1& the file should be in. bff

AIXTOOLS Open Source Toolbox for AIX. From 6. 1 Why not use RPM format like AIX Toolbox and This level is also available for AIX 5. 3 via AIX Web Download

Oct 05, 2010 How do I install the latest sudo package on AIX 6. 1? has binaries for 5. 2 and 5. 3 and older versions, # rpm qagrep sudo

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