Downloads. MakeHuman downloads If you want to download the source code for MakeHuman andor run from a source snapshot, Blender

Sep 06, 2014 Download MakeHuman. MakeHuman is the free and open source software to create realistic 3d humans for: illustrations, animations, games, and ZbrushMudbox sculpting.

Jun 05, 2014 Erstelle mit Makehuman 3D Charaktere, Figuren, Personen. MakeHuman Download Blender 3D hier downloaden

If you are looking for a free and open source character editor directly integrated in Blender, you can also take a look to ManuelbastioniLAB, a project (not connected with MakeHuman), that provides a poweful addon for parametric humanoid modelling.

Enable the MHX2 importer Before the MHX2 importer can be used, it must be enabled in Blender. Choose File User Preferences to open the Blender User Preferences window. In the Addon tab, select the MakeHuman category. Provided that you have copied or linked the importruntimemhx2 folder to Blender's addon directory, it should be found

Feb 16, 2015 Make Human Characters in MakeHuman; This tutorial shows how to install MH software, set up Blender 3D tools and how to set up a plugin for exporting advance

Currently there is only an importer for Blender, but mhx2 importers for other applications will eventually be welcomed. Support for the old MHX format will eventually be terminated. MHX2 is not part of the MakeHuman distribution. It is hosted separately at

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