Jul 08, 2014  In this video, I'm going to how to make faster your Utorrent's Download Speed. Stay connected:

More about slow utorrent downloads speeds USAFRet Aug 25, 2014, 3: 45 PM 1. uTorrent is reporting megabytes per sec, your connection 50mb is megabits per sec. 18 2. A torrent download is not a straight download from a very fast server. You are getting little tiny pieces of the overall file(s)

uTorrent has a builtin setup guide to test your connection speed (downloadupload), and will automatically adjust the applications settings to help maximize those speeds. More on the uTorrent setup guide here. Make sure you stop or close any other programs using internet traffic. Streaming

Jun 03, 2014  Since I've switch to uTorrent, my connection speed has dropped, and this is not a problem with my computer or connection speed. All previous versiosn worked fine, I was getting over 1mb download speeds, now my speed averages around 10 40kb per sec. Sometimes it fluctuates up to 100kb per sec for about a minute,

A: Please note that torrent speeds depend on many factors including: Your ISP's ability to connect to the torrent swarms, torrent's SeedsPeers, connection load

Finally Slow torrent download speeds may be the result of a lack of seeds and a slow internet connection, but there are ways to tweak your uTorrent settings and optimize your connections for maximum download speeds. Adding new, faster torrent trackers is another good way to breathe new life back into a slow or dead torrent.

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