Still troubled by transferring music from iPhone to iTunes? In order to rebuild your music kingdom, read this to copy music from iPhone to iTunes in short time.

Don't like iTunes? You may want to download songs on iPhone without iTunes. It's possible and much easier to achieve it. Go ahead and try these steps.

How do I copy music onto my Apple iPhone from iTunes? Hi, I am using iTunes Match but Id like to be able to download music in bulk onto my iPhone,

With iTunes, you can manage the content on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod by manually syncing specific items to your device. If you have iCloud Music Library turned on, you can't manually manage music, but you can still manage videos using the steps below.

How to put music on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, please read this guide to get two ways to add songs to iPhone 7 with or without iTunes.

Don't wrestle with iTunes to get music onto your iPhone, use one of these alternative methods and workarounds instead.

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